A cinematic journey to China, where a clone of the Upper Austrian town of Hallstatt has been realized as a real estate project. The film tells of the copy planned in secret and of its discovery, of the motivation and the background for the construction of the fairy-tale-like replica in a region with a population of millions as a consequence of globalization. In Chinese, „Double happiness” stands for marrying and the associated happiness for both sides. The duplicated happiness unfolds in parallel worlds of original and copy, real life and fiction, dream and reality.

Screening will be followed by a roundtable discussion called Urban image as a copy organized by Mitte Communications

The roundtable discussion called Urban image as a copy will address the most interesting questions of urban planning: what is the meaning of genuineness in  contemporary architecture? Can we grab the mood of the city through the buildings, are we able to copy an atmosphere? At what points is urban planning connected to forming traditions? Can the image of a city work as a popular, marketable product? What are the traditions of copying buildings in Europe and beyond?

Participants of the discussion:
Sára Csontos –  China-expert
Ádám Hatvani – architect, Sporaarchitects
Mátyás Misetics – Creative Director of Mitte Communications
Samu Szemerey – architect, urbanist
The discussion will be moderated by József Martinkó Editor-in-Chief of Octogon magazine.