Filming the Central European City is a cooperation project between partners from Budapest, Brno, Bratislava and Krakkow with aim to generate dialogue about architecture and filmmaking in a regional context. The partners started to work together in 2012 in the framework of the Central European Architecture Film Exchange that resulted in a collaboratively curated film collection capturing the specific characteristic of the Central European city. This project takes the cooperation further, extending the discourse on the visual representation of the transforming post-socialist urban landscape with public screenings and discussions, workshops and masterclasses. During the cooperation process representatives of the partnering organizations also work together to extend their collaboratively curated architectural film collection.

Cooperating partners

KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, Budapest | 4AM Fórum pro Architekturu a Média, Brno | Malopolski Instytut Kultury, Krakow | Fundacja Nowej Kultury Bec Zmiana, Warsaw | Dominika Belanská, Bratislava


BÉF 6+ Special site specific edition
03.09.2014., 20:00, Leonardo community garden, Budapest

In the framework of the Filming the Central European City the Budapest Architecture Film Days has held its first site specific edition in Leonardo community garden in Budapest. A curated selection of archive footage related to the history of the neighbourhood were shown along with documentaries that can help to shed new light to the history of the given area and to reveal lost stories of forgotten residents. Screened films: curated selection of archive footage; Corvin Variations (2011, 39′, D: Klára Tencsény); Temporary 8 (2012, 53′, D: ZimmerFrei)

The Reversed Pyramid – Screening in Bratislava

The opening event of a newly established urban garden in Bratislava will reflect on the character of its venue, the iconic building of Slovak Radio. The garden aims to support new forms of use of a vacant rooftop to reconnect local stakeholders with this space, originally planned as a public amenity. The screening will commence with a short film “Slovak Radio Building” (Localicon, 2010), and continue with a selection from the archive footage of the making and life of the “reversed pyramid” and its users.

Course leading to the filmed city

The Budapest Architecture Film Days ( in cooperation with the Urbanism Department of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE) organises a film course for architecture students between 12 September and 23 October. The course aims to help designers to develop a broader view of the built environment and to enhance their capabilities of analysing problems with the help of cinematic structures and meanings.

Temples of Money – Screening in Brno

The documentary film Temples of Money deals with architecture of banks and savings banks in the 1990s presenting it as a phenomenon closely related to the social and political changes following the year 1989.

Filming the Central European City – Warsaw edition

Bec Zmiana Foundation in cooperation with the KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre organizes a screening in the framework of their joint international project called ‘Filming the Central European City’ that aims to generate dialogue about architecture and filmmaking in a regional context.