An extraordinary and visionary film about the world’s largest by-pass, the M25. A road movie, a cinematic excursion into the futuristic literature of a century past, and a film dialogue between two writers who are also filmmakers. Iain Sinclair is the author of a book about his walk around the 120-mile road. Christopher Petit elected not to make „the film of the book” and chose instead to drive, and to capture in images the peculiar hallucinatory state that driving provokes. London Orbital is a meditation on the difference between driving and walking, meditation on time and memory. On the difference between film and tape, sound and image. On trance states and the terror that lies beyond boredom, on shopping and terrorism, on Kabul and the leisure mall. On the invisible triangle of Thatcherism: covert arms deals, Essex gangsters and drug dealing. On Pinochet and Thatcher as vampire lovers.